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During my many visits to Palma de Mallorca I always thought that the best viewpoint to overlook Palma was the Bellver Castle, I have just discovered a better one, well, I am not sure if it is better, let's say it is different, the Bellver Castle is truly a magic setting, anyway, let me explain you how I discovered this new place, have you ever heard about Genova?, no?, maybe if I tell you that's the area where the popular restaurants Casa Jacinto or Can Pedro are located will help you, this neighbourhood of Palma is packed with restaurants some of them - like the ones I have just mentioned are extremely popular however in my opinion, there are many nicer and better places to eat in Majorca, anyway, when you arrive to Genova you will notice there is a hill with a big statue on the top, the Mallorca version of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, follow the small road up, you can take your car or if you are in the mood for an energetic stroll, do it, it's well worth the effort and the street is pretty quiet, when you arrive to the top you will enjoy an absolute breathtaking panoramic view of Palma and its bay... wow!, even those huge ocean liners look like toys from up here, from this vantage point you can survey the complete city and a big part of Mallorca including the Tramuntana mountains, this hill and the complete range is called Na Burguesa, when I was there I saw a lot of hikers and wondered what they were making there so I asked a guy and told me that the complete range is full of interesting walking and mountain bike trails offering wonderful views not only to Palma, also to Bendinat, Portals and the open sea.

This time I had rented a wonderful holiday apartment in Portixol, before a fisherman area which has become one of the most trendy areas in Palma, every morning I liked to do for a long walk along the huge promenade running the complete bay of Palma and always liked to stop where the fishermen are and enjoy watching how they prepare their boats or repair their nets, every time I have a chance I like to practise my Spanish so I started chatting with them, I don't know why but Na Burguesa came up to the conversation, one of them told me that Na Burguesa is like their weather station, when Na Burguesa is cloudy - better don't go out... I immediately turned my head to Na Burguesa and smiled... no clouds so I knew I would enjoy another splendid day in my beloved island - Mallorca.

Gerlinde Roth