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My finca at the east coast of Mallorca / Majorca

Antonio is a good friend of mine living in Majorca but working on the mainland, he and his wife Sinti live close to the holiday finca I rent each Summer since the last 10 years. The other day he phoned and told me: "when I come to Mallorca next week, I'll cook a paella for you, I was very happy and excited because Antonio always boasts about making the best paella and because he would finally fulfil his promise of cooking a paella for me, so I that evening I could just relax, enjoy and eat, it would also be a good chance to show them "my home" in Mallorca - the holiday finca I always rent, it's a wonderful place where I unwind and forget the stress from our hectic life but unfortunately, even on holidays we have to work, I am a freelance journalist from Bochum, Germany so I cannot stop working when I am on holidays, the holiday finca I rent has Internet access so I can continue sending my articles during my stays in Majorca.

My relationship with this holiday finca has always been very special, it was a love at first sight, simple but very comfortable, always clean, quiet, definitely one of those places that make you feel you are at home, and had  four bedrooms - that's exactly what I need for my family, a huge garden and a wonderful pool, these are definitely the favourite places of my children, they spend the whole day running around and splashing, the property is on the east coast of Mallorca - near Cala Ratjada, the area is full of wonderful beaches and coves with golden fine sand and azure waters but we feel so well at home that sometimes we just go to the beach once or twice during our holidays.

Coming back to the paella, I agreed with Sinti and Antonio that we would cook the paella by me, this way, I would not miss and of the steps of Antonio's paella so I would be able to cook it myself when I am at home in Germany, that morning I woke up very early and went to the local market to buy a huge paella pan which of course I would also take to Germany, I also bought a couple of bottles of Majorcan red wine, then by the bakery the dessert -  I delicious ensa├»mada and finally I stopped by a neighbour and borrowed a special paella burner, I also invited them to come that evening.

That day I was alone, my children and husband decided to go on a day trip to the neighbouring island of Cabrera but since my relationship with boats is not the best (I always get seasick) I decided to stay, so after my shopping I took a book, water and a sandwich and headed off to Sa Coma beach till around 18 h., Sinti and Antonio were planning to show up at around 20 h., as you probably know - the Spaniards like to eat very late so I always like to adapt to the customs of the places a visited, it was a very pleasant and relaxing day until my mobile rang, it was Sinti telling me that due to some last minute problems Antonio was unable to catch his flight and would arrive very late, she told me not to panic, she would still be coming and would make the paella, Sinti is a good cook too however she asked me if I could buy all the ingredients as she would be working till late, so I rushed to the next supermarket to buy all what Sinti told me, I arrived home and again the mobile, it was Sinti again... "Andrea, I am sorry but I am on a business meeting and I will be arrival much later, start to prepare the paella"... yes, then the panic attack started, the first guests were about to arrive and nothing was made, what could I do?, then I thought - Google would be my salvation and bingo!, I got a paella recipe so shoulders to the wheel!... at around 22 h. the paella was ready and also by that time Sinti and Antonio arrived, well, maybe it was not the best paella but all enjoyed the dinner and had a lot of fun.

Well, that's life in Mallorca... social and sometimes very spontaneous.

Andrea Richter