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Mallorca's ceramic tableware has its tradition in a small town situated near the vibrant and cosmopolitan Palma impressed by peace and tranquility,with an excellent accessibility to the island's capital, very interesting is that: Portol belongs to the community Marratxi, which is the home of the  Potterycity of  the sunny island. It still keeps the craft for itself and is quit as the Tramuntana mountains to Deia, an artistic village.

In Portol you keep track on the "Ruta del Fang" on the route of the clay to make a tour through the many workshops. Greixonera and Olla are the Majorcan words to say pots and trays, which are made in a long production process and have been made in the largest pottery centers of the island and almost indispensable in a ordinary kitchen. Most of the island's museums exhibit the first earthen goods that were produced in part before the Talayotic time when the people apparently had a pronounced keen feeling for beautiful shapes. At a temperature of 1000 degrees, the bowls, dishes and plates are fired.

Through their glaze they are water resistant and are therefore suitable for the kitchen. Above all, the Arabs brought colours and decorations on the island and this is how diversity is expressed nowadays in the pottery design.

Portol is picturesquely situated on a small hill between Sa Cabaneta and Santa Maria del Cami and only has about 4000 inhabitants. Who know how to celebrate their two great festivals.

Our Lady of Carmen, every year on 16th of July, the San Marcal honored every 30th of June. At the Fira del Fang, the large pottery exhibition in Mallorca, the many "artifacts" of Portol-potters are to be seen,annually.

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