Flor de Sal

Das bessere Salz - Flor de Sal
Flor de Sal - the best salt

In the south our Majorca and very close to the wonderful virgin beach of Es Trenc is the home of the flor de sal ("flower of salt" in Spanish and Mallorquin) also known as "caviar of salt", like other sea salts, flor de sal is harvested by evaporating sea water, however, to harvest flor de sal, workers gently skim the top layer of the sea salt from partially evaporated pools, before it sinks to the bottom again. These salt crystals are very fine, light, and delicate, and must be handled with care and exposed to minimal moisture, just the premium, top layer of the salt bed is used. Unlike processed salts, flor de sal is a natural source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and iodine. The taste is a delicate balance of the numerous salts, minerals, and micro-nutrients, this is truly one of the finest salt available and comes from Mallorca.