Apartments in Paguera

This nice holiday apartment in set on the grounds of a villa, conveniently located just 700 m from the lovely sandy beaches of Paguera. Although this apartment is a most comfortable property inside, it is a property designed for outside living, a lovely oasis set in the heart of Paguera. Mallorca Southwest.


Farmhouses in Manacor

A smart and comfortable brand-new holiday finca in the pretty countryside between Manacor and the sea. This is a very welcoming and relaxing house full of stylish spaces. It's a lovely place for a family holiday or a break with friends. Mallorca East.

Pan moreno - mallorquinisches Graubrot

Die Mallorquiner lieben Brot – zu jedem Essen wird es gereicht. Ohne den gefüllten Korb auf dem Tisch ist ein ausführliches Mahl kaum möglich. Brot selber zu backen ist für die Mallorquiner gang und gäbe, denn das Rezept für...[more]

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, 29.12.2010

Olive oil from Mallorca

Spain, is the biggest and best-known olive oil producer in the world with approximately 42% of the total world production. Some of the most common olive varieties used are Manzanilla, Arbequina, Picual and Cornicabra...[more]

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, 30.12.2010

Flor de Sal

In the south our Majorca and very close to the wonderful virgin beach of Es Trenc is the home of the flor de sal ("flower of salt" in Spanish and Mallorquin) also known as "caviar of salt", like ...[more]

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, 19.12.2010

Ensaimada de Mallorca

The ensaimada is definitely one of the stars of the Majorcan cuisine, the desert par excellence, no celebration is complete without the ensaimada. The ensaimada dates back to the 17th century, is made from strong...[more]

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, 09.12.2010

Palo de Mallorca

Palo de Mallorca is a spirit obtained by the maceration and/or infusion of cinchona bark and gentian root (gentina lutea), bark from various species of the Cinchona is the source of quinine, used to treat malaria....[more]

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, 27.11.2010

Tumbet - a Majorcan classic

Cold, warm or lukewarm, as starter, main or side dish (perfect for BBQ accompaniment), Tumbet is a truly versatile dish, Tumbet is a traditional Majorcan recipe and a perfect example of the now so in vogue...[more]

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, 20.11.2010

Pa amb oli - Bread and Oil

Pa amb oli is the snack par excellence in Majorca, “pa amb oli” literally means bread with oil, usually eaten at any time as breakfast, dinner, appetizer or snack. Pa amb oli bears a strong resemblance to the Catalan pa amb...[more]

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, 16.11.2010 By: Fred Schimpulski