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With Mallorca Holiday Rentals you will find your holiday house under the sun of Majorca. We know all our holiday properties personally so we can help you to choose the home which meets all your requirements. Whether you are seeking for a terraced house near the beach in Santa Ponsa or a holiday house with a Mediterranean garden and own swimming pool in Puerto Andratx, good standard or superior comfort, Mallorca Holiday Rentals will make your dream holiday house come true. Check also our selection of holiday villas, holiday fincas and holiday apartments in Majorca or use our search engine.

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Farmhouse Son Macia

Property ID: 4069

This cozy holiday finca with sea views is located in the small dreamy village of Son Maçia. Relax with your loved ones at your private pool with a view of the landscape and treat yourself to a few ...

Sea view Pool
4 Persons
ca. 14200 m² Plot size
ca. 150 m² Floor area
3 Double bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
from 205 Euro per night

Villa Cala Murada

Property ID: 4011

This beautiful holiday finca in a Mediterranean style is located in a chic villa area in the east of the island in Cala Murada. The house is located directly by the beach and is ideal for a relaxing ...

Sea view Pool
6 Persons
ca. 1747 m² Plot size
ca. 202 m² Floor area
3 Double bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
from 215 Euro per night

Farmhouse Sant Llorenc

Property ID: 4016

This restored holiday home is located in a picturesque setting in the east of the island in Sant Llorenç. Are you dreaming of a Majorcan finca holiday, but you don't want to forego modern European ...

8 Persons
ca. 15000 m² Plot size
ca. 300 m² Floor area
4 Double bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
from 215 Euro per night