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Q: Are the rates per person or for the entire property?
A: Our rates are for the entire property.

Q: Are there weekly rates?
A: No, all our rates are pro-rated on a nightly basis.

Q: On which days do property bookings usually commence?
A: We offer flexible changeover day so you can start your rental whenever is more convenient for you.

Q: Is there a minimum night stay?
A: Yes, normally 3 nights for apartments and 5 nights for houses.

Q: How can I calculate the total cost of the rental?
A: To calculate the price of the rental is very simple, just multiply the nightly rate by the total number of nights you wish to stay and add up the service charge, the result will be the complete cost of the rental or use the price calculator in our website.

Q: How do I pay for my property rental?
A: A deposit of approximately 10% of the entire rental fee is required and must be received within the next 5 working days starting from the day we receive your booking request. The remaining balance must be paid cash in Euros by the check-in (once you are in the property) to our Service Agent. We do not accept credit card payments or other methods of payment.

B: Some properties require a different payment procedure, i.e. a deposit of approximately 10% of the entire rental fee is required and must be received within the next 5 working days starting from the day we receive your booking request and then the balance 4 weeks before the beginning of your stay.

You will be informed about the method of payment as soon as we get your booking form.

Q: What's included in the service charge?
A: - Final cleaning including home laundry (bed linen and home towels).
    - 24/7 check-in/out availability. 
    - Daily availability from our local Service Agents if anything is required during your stay.

Q: What are the check-in and check-out times?
A: Check-in time: from 16:00' h. / Check-out time: up to 10:00' h.
Earlier check-in or later check-out cannot be guaranteed, they are subject to the property availability, please ask directly to our Service Agent when you are already in the island.

Q. How do we get to our property after we arrive on the island?
A. First, contact our Service Agent to inform that you have arrived and agree with her/him your meeting time (you will get a complete briefing including directions to the meeting point and the Service Agent telephone details), we have around 150 properties in Mallorca, consequently we have some established easy to find meeting points (close to the property) so our guests don't get lost looking for a property and our Service Agents don't have to spend hours trying to find lost guests, we want to make it easy for everybody, once you are by the meeting point, our Service Agent will be there waiting for you and from there you will follow him/her to your property where the check-in formalisation will be completed.

Q: Are towels and linen provided?
A: Bed linen (1 set per week/bed) and bathroom towels (1 set per week/person) are provided at all of our properties. We advise that you bring your own towels for pool/beach use as these are not provided.

Q: How often is the property cleaned?
A: Unless otherwise stated, all of our properties are cleaned prior to arrival and then again after the departure, additional cleanings can be arranged for a nominal fee.

Q: Can maintenance staff visit the property during my stay?
A: All our properties are maintained by the staff who have access. Gardens have to be maintained on a regular basis and it is simply not possible for this to be carried out on changeover days. With regard to swimming pool maintenance, pools are checked and cleaned on a regular basis too. Neither pool nor garden personnel have fixed hours so it is not possible for us to advise you of the exact date or time of their visit. We ask for your cooperation when the staff visits the property as it is imperative to keep the properties well maintained for our clients' enjoyment throughout the year.

Q: Is the photo gallery the exact property we would be staying in, along with the views, etc.?
A: Yes, all of our properties have their own pictures that represent that exact property. Properties ID 50.. have the same size, equipment, terrace and view, the pictures show one apartment as an example for all as they are all idendical.

Q: Do the properties have telephones or Internet access?
A: None of our properties have the use of a telephone for telephone calls. To make telephone calls you can either use local phone boxes or use your own mobile phone. Some of our properties (please refer to the appropriate property page for exact information) have Internet access, you can also purchase a prepaid USB modem to plug into your laptop so you can connect to the Internet whenever and wherever you want.

Q: Do the properties with satellite TV have English channels?
A: Satellite TV does not necessarily means English TV (Sky), Mallorca receive visitors from all over the world hence most homes with satellite felicities offer a mix of European channels (German, French, English) consequently we are unfortunately unable to guarantee any channels (in any specific language) in any of our properties as it is up the owner of each home to decide which satellite is installed. If this is of importance to you, please check with us before making a booking.

Q: Are all properties suitable for families with children?
A: Most properties welcome children of all ages. However, some owners may set age restrictions if their homes include expensive furnishings or certain homes are more child-friendly than others in terms of safety. Feel free to contact us to help you to determine which properties are most suitable for your entire family.

Q: Are all properties suitable for pets / animals?
A: Unless otherwise advised, pets and animals are not permitted in the accommodation.

Q: Is there are cot and/or highchair available?
A: Yes, both of them can be rented.

Q: Is Travel Insurance Required?
A: No, however it is strongly recommended that you arrange comprehensive travel insurance to include accommodation cancellation.